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Monday, June 3, 2013

Even The Undead Dream Nightmares Of The Dead

The Horrorwalker horror tale read by Philip Marlow during his Horrorwalker encounter of:
March 21, 2009!

(McDowell County, North Carolina)
This modern world forces me to store my coffin deep inside this cold dark cave.
Even the wilds of the mountains is no longer safe for an undead moonlight slave.
Mankind with his living and his breathing...
And his religion and his seething...
There are no more places for me to hide my unlife... to preserve and to save.
I yearn for those long ago wild times when I stalked and hunted my prey.
The human invaders were as wild and as feral as the natives they hunted by day.
The moon shown bright upon my shadowless silhouette...
I relentlessly hunted these white men for their blood, without regret...
Fore, I was always ready to send wayward souls to their final hell to stay!
I close my eyes and remember the beautiful times of the my Catawba people.
Our relationship was beautiful respect as they shared blood to sate my cycle.
I never lived among them... to preserve the religious respect,
But I lived beside them as a protector without suspect.
And it was the introduction of rat-like white men that changed our consul.

They used words like Scottish and Irish and Immigrants as they moved in!
They built their "Gateway To The Mountains" forts to protect their sin!
They tolerated only the skin of the white man...
They killed and they raped as they took the land!
They killed my source of sustenance, those evil heartless soulless men!
White men introduced diseases and pestilence that killed my soul-mates!
The stinking breath which left their bodies was filled with monstrous death rates.
I alone was immune to their dangerous blood pathogens...
Nearly all my Catawba family slowly died from white man's poisons...
And I have never recovered from those nightmare remembered dates.

I have cared for the few remaining remnants of my family for many moons.
We are now feral mountain peoples living in the land hidden by noon and moon.
We decided those many moons past to preserve our lineage...
By me turning them into what I have always been on this ancient ridge.
We live on Animal Blood to stay away from the the human Typhoon!
But now... white men have, still again, encroached upon our resting place.
Oh, I will find another hidden place of darkness to hide from the human race.
And when I settle us into my new spot, at last...
And when I shake the dreams of the dead past...
It will then be another time to hunt feral humans like dogs, posthaste!


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