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Friday, March 15, 2013

Looking For The Dirt In The Sand

Hello, dear readers...
In my Fourth Line Of Horror blog,
As in yesterday's example,
I often provide a little 'excerpt' story for your perusal.
These four line 'excerpts' actually come from the text of longer short stories I have already written.
Here is one prime example of what I am talking about.

Presented again,
For the one or two of you I missed when I first published this little fright tale,
Is the original short story horror poem from which yesterday's four lines of horror derived.
Check it out, if you will...
And fall right into line with what appears to be my favorite subject to write about these days.
You will find the answer inside the text of...




The most beautiful place on the east coast of America is right here,
On this particular white sand beach,
In this state called North Carolina.
What could go wrong with life in this ideal paradise?
One only has to look just below the beautiful surface of the beach while...
Looking For The Dirt In The Sand!


Looking For The Dirt In The Sand
(Holden Beach, North Carolina)

Out by the Carolina seashore,
Strolling along the length of this beach.
The ocean breeze, it cleanses me...
It blows my worries through my skin.

The sparkling sand mashes between my toes.
The purity of the white sand particles looks like sugar.
The ocean is ten feet away from my steps...
How is this sand so hot and so dry where I stand?

I don't remember where I buried Richard’s body last Summer.
I thought I dug his sandy beach grave right here!
That Sunday midday was bright and full sun lit…
The brightness must have thrown my senses off by many yards.

This strange guilt has eaten away at my soul for almost a year.
I should have paid a visit to the local police by now.
But how do I convince human policemen that the man I murdered was…
In fact, a two hundred year old vampire serial killer.

Oh, I played a big part in aiding and abetting the blood feeding monster!
I covered for him as the State Police searched for the serial killer.
He threaded to eat my wife, and my mother, if I did not comply.
I hid his coffin in my basement for eleven months… before the incident!

I had quickly returned home from the mandatory business convention in Raleigh!
He told me he would never attack my family as long as I complied!
I made a midday return to a dead quiet home -- and I knew horror had struck!
Bursting into my bedroom, there was Angelica -- throat ripped out, drained of blood!

The evil was now transferred into my soul!
Murder was now the only ambition in my heart!
I went out back, found my hatchet, hacked off two oak branches and made my stakes!
My first task was to go back into my bedroom to say goodbye to my love.

I cried like a baby as I drove the fresh stake deep through her heart!
I was appalled as the bloodless tip of the oak wood pierced through her back.
I gently rolled her up in the floor rug…
Before carrying her to the trunk of my automobile.

The door of the basement was unlocked from the inside.
I walked down the twenty steps with purpose of mind and hatred of heart.
And there in the corner, in full arrogant display, was the closed coffin!
I truly expected the monster to have moved the coffin to another site!

There was no hesitation in my purpose of what needed to be done!
I pulled the shades off all the windows to let the bright sunlight inside the room.
I walked over to the coffin to snatch the lid open to reveal the monster inside.
He immediately began to burn as the solar rays began to cleanse the evil!

Ah, the pain awoke him from his undead horror slumber!
And I placed the stake over his heart, as he weakly grabbed my left arm!
“You are going to die right now!” I screamed as I brought the hatchet butt down!
And I struck the stake twenty times before I was finished exorcising my demon!

The body continued to burn and crumble until there was only dust left in the coffin.
I scooped the contents into a Mason Jar and tightened the lid with a pipe wrench.
I ripped the bedding away from the coffin wood and stuffed that into a plastic bag.
And minutes later I was driving down to this remote stretch of Holden Beach!

And now, I am walking along the beautiful sand.
The monstrous Atlantic Ocean is roaring off to my left.
The beautiful coastal Carolina shore is on my right.
And somewhere below my feet is the buried contents of my wife and her murderer!

When I drive the six miles back home… I will be vexed even more.
The coffin of the monster I murdered is still in my basement.
The undead ones who he allowed to survive the turning…
They are homing in to the evil in the wood of the coffin!

I have killed six more vampire monsters.
They approach me unknown of my knowledge and my deeds.
The call of their master is an attraction they apparently cannot resist!
And when they find their way all the way down here to me -- they will die!

I am complicit in all this horror!
I should have been a man from the first time I met Richard.
I was weak to allow his threats to frighten me into compliance…
It now behooves me to be the serial killer -- of the vampire undead legacy!

I am Perry Leroy Gore!
I harbor dark secrets that should drive me insane!
I really only have one purpose left in this crazy life…
Bury Mason Jars of the dust of the vampire undead under the white beach sand.


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