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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Turning The Tide

Lester Park,
Have been trailing me for one decade!
I can now imagine the shocked look on your face,
Now that you know that I know who you are.
I can imagine the fear,
And the apprehension,
In your heart right now,
As you realize that Count Vladamir is now...
Your stalker!
You are probably thinking,
"Pick up more garlic...
Another vial of holy water...
A couple more blessed crosses...
And more wood posts for stakes!"
You know that church you attend every Sunday?
That's the only safe place for you in America.
And even that sanctuary might not protect you.
I know everything about you...
And I am coming for your blood,
And your soul!
I could have eaten your wife years ago.
I could have drained your daughter at any time.
I could have sucked the life from your living lineage...
 Committing that act anytime I chose!
But I did not.
For, I am coming after you.
Have you made peace with your God?
Have you said you final goodbyes to your loved ones?
Will you involve your family in this dispute?
 Will you accept this inevitable conclusion like a man?
I give you one fortnight to settle your affairs.
Time is meaningless to one who has seen...
3911 fortnights along a timeline far to long.
Another short span of time passes like another...
The countdown begins midnight 2-12-13!
Do not look for me,
I will already know where you are!
Until then...

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