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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Turning The Tide

Lester Park,
Have been trailing me for one decade!
I can now imagine the shocked look on your face,
Now that you know that I know who you are.
I can imagine the fear,
And the apprehension,
In your heart right now,
As you realize that Count Vladamir is now...
Your stalker!
You are probably thinking,
"Pick up more garlic...
Another vial of holy water...
A couple more blessed crosses...
And more wood posts for stakes!"
You know that church you attend every Sunday?
That's the only safe place for you in America.
And even that sanctuary might not protect you.
I know everything about you...
And I am coming for your blood,
And your soul!
I could have eaten your wife years ago.
I could have drained your daughter at any time.
I could have sucked the life from your living lineage...
 Committing that act anytime I chose!
But I did not.
For, I am coming after you.
Have you made peace with your God?
Have you said you final goodbyes to your loved ones?
Will you involve your family in this dispute?
 Will you accept this inevitable conclusion like a man?
I give you one fortnight to settle your affairs.
Time is meaningless to one who has seen...
3911 fortnights along a timeline far to long.
Another short span of time passes like another...
The countdown begins midnight 2-12-13!
Do not look for me,
I will already know where you are!
Until then...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Vampire Advice

Jeanette has existed on the mortal plane of reality for a long time.
Her existence has been fraught with harsh moments of learning the hard way.
She has existed long enough to have finally decided to give out a little....
Vampire Advice!



(Raleigh, North Carolina)

Let me impart upon you a bit of the ol' reality check. I, Sabot Holt, will now give to you a present bought, wrapped and delivered from a place called... Vampire Logic!

To start this missive, I must confess to you that not all of the undead blood plasma seeking creatures of the night are purely evil monsters bent on the homicidal genocide of the regular humans. Many of us are just misunderstood, frightened freaks.

If you know what you are confronting, when you are approached by a vampire -- meaning you actually know what you must carry on your person to protect yourself... and you know when vampires are active -- you just might be amazed at the final outcome of your meeting. Hunger, and loneliness, forces all creatures to commit acts counter to logic.

Unfortunately, for all parties concerned, most humans tend to panic when they are confronted with the unholy unknown! Under circumstances like that, the result is often not the best outcome for a meeting between human and vampire.

I, a two hundred year old creature of the night -- an old school vampire turned in Great Britain in 1808, am not the enemy of warm blooded mortals. Werewolves... now they are what you should fear. They live among you like normal humans, interacting and relating with you... all the while harboring an evil, feral, homicidal beast drawn to murder by the glow of the full moon! Ah, but that is a subject for another night, another place, another time!

There are a number of vampire sightings from around the country of The United States of America that are mired in confusion and hyperbole. There are vampires who supposedly sparkle in the glow of the sun. There are vampires who supposedly have discovered artifacts that prevent them from being burnt to dust in the slightest light of the sun. There are supposedly vampires who have formed alliances, and friendships, with werewolves. And I cry... blasphemy to the soul and the spirit and the reality of what my kind is.

Be careful, humans in this Horrorwalker horror world. Do not be lulled by those humans among you who choose to romanticize the feral supernatural beasts who want to eat you!

These are my words of wisdom for you for today. I advise you to take them seriously. Believe me, even though I have control of myself when I am in the presence of a human... I still consider you to be my food!