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Friday, December 20, 2013



What is this HORRORWALKER myth?
What is the story about this darkly frightening creature that looks like death?
Why does it appear before a person, force him or her to take that horror tomb into hands...
And then forces the victim to read a horror missive that has, or will, come true?
Only the people who have ever been approached by the HORRORWALKER have answers.
And mot of them are not talking about their actual encounter.
But... oh, about the missive they are given by the HORRORWALKER?
Victims are compelled to tell there HORRORWALKER TOME story!
Be it verbally, or by the written word... the horror is transferred to us, the common person.
Take, for example... Angel Madison's Vampire Introduction To:

98.6 Degrees!



(Fresno, California)

My name is Angel Pearl Madison. Right now, at this very moment, I'm sitting here in my recliner chair. I've got a hastily filled college rule note book resting on my lap, the lamp shining 75 watts over my right shoulder and my favorite writing pen resting in my right hand. And, I have just finished a 2 hour marathon writing session.

Three hours ago I was cooking stir-fry vegetables in my kitchen while listing to NPR through my speakers off my receiver. The rice had already cooked in the rice cooker and I was minutes away from eating my Thai spiced veggies. Actually, I was scraping the vegetables out of the wok onto my plate when I heard a strange rustling directly behind me on the other side of the counter-island separating my kitchen area and my dining room area.

I am a devoted fan of horror movies. And, I love science fiction, too. I am not frightened by my own shadow... and so, house sounds like creaks and ticks and moans never rattle me. Actually, stuff like that inspires me to mine my own mind for fantasy stories for my personal writing. But this sound... this movement of sound behind me... there was something about it that forced me to slowly place my plate on the side counter and the Wok back onto a cool eye on the stove. I took one deep breath before slowly turning around to face the something that I sensed was now standing behind me!

And I gasped in horror as it was standing there four feet away from me on the other side of the counter-island. I put my right hand up to my mouth to keep myself from screaming for mercy, even thought I did not sense any menace emanating from... The Horrorwalker!

Just like the many Horrorwalker Travel Guide stories I have read, and just like the hundreds of accounts of actual Horrorwalker encounters from people who are willing to talk about their Horrorwalker encounters, I was instantly overtaken by the want of The Horrorwalker. My will over my own body instantly left me and I was compelled to do the bidding of this huge humanoid creature of billowing darkness and frightfulness.

It forced me to walk around the right side of the counter-island so that I might stand before it in all its monstrous glory! 

I am only 5'4" tall standing in my stocking. I might weigh 100 pounds with my hair and body soaking wet. I'm all head and small body and overdeveloped  boobs. And I felt like the tiny helpless human that I am as I stood there looking up.

The Horrorwalker was so tall that its head appeared to touch the ceiling of my living-room. It was so much taller and larger than me that I literally almost fell backward as I looked up into what could have been a face... if I could have seen into the blackness where the cowl framed the area where its face should have been.

My out-of-my-own-control-hands slowly, gently, raised and extended toward The Horrorwalker. I knew what was about to happen to me and there was nothing I could do to prevent it... even if I had wanted to prevent it from happening.

I want to think I willingly took the Horrorwalker's book into my small hands. I want to believe that I willingly flipped through the pages, that actually turned on their own, to the story that I was wiling going to read. I want to believe the Horrorwalker liked me because I offered no resistance.

And then I was reading my Horrorwalker horror tale... my delicious Horrorwalker horror tale that made me more of a believer in the supernatural than I had ever been -- even standing in the face of this creature of that which man can only dream of... until it is standing right there in your apartment!

My Horrorwalker horror story is titled: 98.6 Degrees!

And I now know that the optimum pleasure point for a vampire, that metaphysical place where a vampire's pleasure is gained to optimum effect as it feeds from its next victim, is drinking its blood meal at the always desired temperature of... 98.6 Degrees.

When I was finished reading my 46 pages of beautiful vampire horror, I handed the book back to the Horrorwalker. I strained to look into the black void inside that cowl as it silently reached for the book. If I had had control over my own body, I would have reached up to touch it... but I was not in control of myself. And besides, lord knows what would have happened to me if... if... I could have touched the Horrorwalker.

It took a step back away from me. And like... that... it was gone. It was there and then it was not.

And suddenly, I had control of my facilities. I touched myself to make sure I was all there and then I walked straight to my writing desk, extracted a fresh college ruled notebook, grabbed my best writing pen and then settled into my recliner -- to put my Horrorwalker story on paper.

These tales come true. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and further into the future... Horrorwalker horror tales come true. And here I am, blessed -- or cursed -- with this information.

What will I do with this Horrorwalker horror knowledge? And can I prevent the death of those people in my tale from the near future? And what can little ol' me do to stop a hundred year old creature of the undead?


Well, let me finish writing my missive first. Then I'll decide on what I could possibly do about a vampire who likes its blood at: 98.6 DEGREES!

How warm is my blood?


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