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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Even an evil creature like me develops a conscience over the centuries.
By now, I am aware of the grotesqueness of my feeding needs.
This entry into my diary is meant for my catharsis.
When it is all said and done,
You are still my... PREY!


(Baytown, Texas)

Look at you…
Drenched in the sweat of your fear!
You disgust me…
Afraid to die by the letting of your blood!
I loathe you…
Your weakness and frailty, your bane!
I hate you…
For I was once a weak mortal like you!

I remember my own fear…
Of that night two centuries ago -- at the midnight hour!
I suffered greatly…
Shivering in the dark like a cast out child!
I feared unknown hidden evil…
Fear mongering lore shoved down my throat by demented clergy.
I finally saw the truth…
It transformed into this present undead giver of death before undead life.

God damned me to this hell…
This fate worse than being buried alive six feet underground!
A human can only absorb so much evil…
Before the evil transforms him into an abomination!
What human first consumed human blood…
In the name of evoking God to grant him power to “smite thee?”
It was my blood drained for dark religious ego…
It will be all of you who suffers the anger of this vengeful monster!

I stalk the night to take away from you what the day gives you... your life!
When the sun falls down and the moon takes its place, I arise to stalk my prey.
The moon above would be ashamed to provide the light I need to feed on you.
The animals of the night give me wide berth when I stalk the night.
The bats stop flying, the cats hide in the grass, the critters scurry into their holes...
They know by instinct that I could turn on them and drain them dry in a second.
But the dogs... ah, the dogs... they have no fear of me as I blend into the night mist.
Dogs want to kill me... and they will attack me at will if they sense my presence!

I have learned to avoid those creatures that do not fear me.

It is too bad for me that I remember my love of the animals that would kill me.
Sometimes, I am more feral than a dog, head held low, eyes looking up at me, teeth bared.
I have spend many decades in the darkness of the night trying to find my day.
But, I am groomed by ancient evil beyond the purview of science and modern reasoning.
I am enveloped in metaphysical evil that exists on the same side of saintly religion.
Religion, easily turned to evil, was pure horror exploited by evil men in centuries past.
I was created in the church's boiling soup of ignorance, arrogance, religion and evil.

And now we have today…
When I prey upon you and make you pay for human sin from my dark past!
Your blood will carry me forward to another night
To attack your kind under another high moon to make you pay!
I am a petty monster driven by ancient evil from hell…
I have been chasing revenge for three hundred years!
That is why you are PREY…
And I am forced to enjoy drinking your blood like the finest Chianti.


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