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Friday, January 2, 2015


Here is a little horror missive of a poem from the Horrorwalker World.
This little tale is to remind you that The Countdown To Horror Zero returns Monday.
And, that horror in the Horrorwalker World strikes from everywhere.
It is even... Out There In The Dark!


(Olney, Maryland)

The night-time darkness was cold and inky black...
I was taking my nightly jog around the park track.
I was on my seventh lap around the well used asphalt quarter mile...
When I was tackled by what I thought was a young child.

I was hit from the right side by a small bundle of clothing and a hand.
The snarling sounds caught me off guard as we both rolled to the sand.
The darkness was too tinted for me to see my attacker's face.
I sure wished I had a large can of the strongest mace.

The little fucker bit deeply into my goddamn neck.
I felt like I had just been smashed by a boulder.
How in the hell could this darkness shrouded attacker do that?
It literally bit through the jacket collar, and sweat suit, like a crazy bat.

We fought like a cat and a dog as we rolled around on the ground.
I ended the melee with a large rock upside my attacker's head, so round.
My attacker screamed like a girl as it ran off into the darkness.
I turned to get home to take care of my blood... flowing in all its starkness.

My warm blood flows from my wound, down my arm, like clotting thick honey.
This "honey" is not the sweet and inviting and amber colored elixir slurry.
My life ebbs away from my broken body with each perverse arterial squirt.
I can't wash my own blood off my hands fast enough to remove the hurt.

There are two fan-like marks on my neck that are deep and nasty crap.
The wounds are ugly as they now are oozing vile brown bile-like sap.
It is obvious to me that I have been attacked by something profane on this dark night!
And I know the result to occur when I am eventually overcome by this blight.

I need silver and garlic and a large cross to hit my mark!
The only chance I have to save my soul from damnation is out there in the dark.
I will not become a causality of this crazy Horrorwalker World of madness!
I will destroy myself before I allow my body to be taken by a demon's crassness!

My countdown to the end of my live life has begun!
Usually, one has three days before these transformations cannot be undone.
I do not know what in the hell bit me... so I better get to hunting real fast.
If the profane cravings begin to manifest, my hand will take my life... at last.

So, here I go out into the night.
My world was just changed with the bite of evil blight.
My attacker's life, or mine... one of us is going to die very soon.
Oh, I can see it now... just over there in the woods... hiding under the shadow of the moon.

I am already affected.
Our bond has already been effected.
It sees me, too.
And now, to the death, let the two of us be true!


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